Training and Placement cell

Placement Office

The Training and Placement Office, is a meeting place for the students of Sanskar College and transnational corporate executives. Sanskar College is proud of its students who have been serving the nation in various capacities ranging from CEOs to Industrialists, Entrepreneurs to Astronauts. I take pride in introducing to you the present batch of Sanskar College, which has been formed in the wake of a wave of innovation and various technical advancements throughout the world.

The institute has been striving to confront the challenges and opportunities of present globalization scenario. The institute's vision has been to nurture the students into intellectually capable, innovative professionals who shall contribute to the growth of technology, in partnership with the industry.

Our Institute holds the pride of place being pioneers in the field of Professional education in the country and has a glorious heritage. We have been continuously ranked among the elite by our peers and our constant pursuit of excellence has made our institute a focal point in professional education for students and faculty members alike.